African Society at Montana State University

Minutes – February 10, 2013

African Society Meeting at Montana State University

10/02/2013 – 3pm

109D Paisley Court

Meeting Minutes



Jassiel Msoka, Becky Mantha, David Mantha, Julio Benavides, Becca Bodenham, Wigganson Matandiko, Stephen Durbin, Herve Kundulo, Alex Garcia Ruiz, Patricia Mathabe


Apologies: Erika


Meeting Called to Order at: 3:30


Reading/Correction of Minutes 19/01/13:

  • Minutes were correct
  • Minutes were moved to be accepted by Vice President
  • Accepted by Vice President


Action Items:

  1. Food Bazaar
  • Buying food Thursday 14th Feb (Wigganson, Patricia, Julio, David). Try to restrict to $300 plus member donations.
  • Cook and decorate booths Friday 15th. Booths must be ready 3pm Saturday 16th.
  • Cooking: Becky, David, Sister of David, Julio, Patricia (Backup Jessiel, Herve).
  • No need to cook rice, tell office how much white rice – David will find out about proportions on 11th Feb.
  • Money raised at the Food Bazaar will go towards ASAMSU needs and activities.
  1. African Film Festival
  • 24th April.
  • ASAMSU need to decide on films. Merchandise sales.
  • Becca will take invoice from sub box to OAP office for funding. Share combination of sub box to David and Becca for checking mail.
  1. Bstep
  • Patricia and WIgganson met with Scott Creel to ascertain the progress of the project. Some students have already gone to Boston. Scott emailed the international office and the Dean of Graduate studies, one week has passed.
  • Julio will contact Scott Creel to inquire as to whether he has heard anything by 11th Feb


  1. Water Project
  • Julio has identified local partners in Mali and surrounding refugee camps.
  • One potential partner is a camp worker in Burkina Faso, he is investigating how we could best help there.
  • Second partner is ADJMOR (NGO) in Mauritania, lead contact Ahmedi suggested either: 1 – Mosquito nets or health project through him in Mauritania. 2 – Education project, as no schools in camps. Some people go to capital to school (Mauritania). Previously funded 13 families (with NGO Nomad Hope) to go to school and live in capital, with a cost of 100 euros per month. Request now for 600 euros per child for 6 months. Maybe ASAMSU could help with a small amount.
  • Julio must produce an official letter, and will use response for fundraising.
  • Julio needs to ascertain the most pressing needs of the refugees from Mali.
  • Possibility for advertising for donations on ASAMSU website. Need official correspondence before donations.
  1. Coordinating with other Orgs working in Africa
  • Not discussed
  1. Chocolate Sales
  • Not discussed
  1. Website
  • Stephen posted examples of videos and links.
  • Anybody can add information, to post contact Stephen.
  • Constitution online must be amended online for membership fees (Patricia?).
  1. Financial Affairs
  • Patricia went to the Rolling Funding orientation, no cash needed, can show receipts and receive cheque or use the university credit card. University expenses will be paid directly from the university.
  • Bank Account: Need to change signatories to David, not yet signed and needs to be done before Thursday 14thWigganson and David will go on Tuesday 12th to the bank.
  1. Activities for ASAMSU
  • MSU Bowling: no need for bookings just tell them we are a student organisation.
  • Alex suggested using the University gym for soccer games.
  • Soccer team: potential opponents the Ecology department.
  • Soccer Team Members: Herve, Stephen, Wigganson, Julio, Jessiel, Alex.
  • Basketball Team Members: Stephen, Julio, Patricia, Vuyi, Becca.
  • Cross-country skiing: Dan Tyers available to rent equipment for Hylite and arrange date, Herve will arrange the date and time.
  1. Membership Fees
  • Motion passed to WITHDRAW membership motion until we have more members.
  • Can make voluntary donations.
  • David will research about different donation methods. Do not want to restrict ourselves to one method for money collection for time being.
  1. Discussing current issues in Africa Forum
  • Wigganson suggested hearing from different regions of Africa (West, East, etc.) and how they are united, and can Africa be united?

Election Results:

President – Patricia

Vice President – Wigganson

Vice President – Herve

Treasurer – David

Secretary – Becca need to check on validity with Patricia.

Project Coordinator – Julio

Website Designer – Stephen

  • Need election of Publicity/Public relations coordinator.
  • Need to know official duties for office bearers. Wigganson will find where it is defined the function of the officers.
  • Need document to define duties.
  • Motion that each subcommittee for each project will delegate publicity and general project coordination PASSED.

Extra Items:

  1. Logo
  • Changed logo to appease MSU. Colour changed from green to blue.
  • Has logo been accepted? Need to ask Patricia.
  1. ASAMSU Launch Meeting
  • Fall 2013. Last week of September.
  • 2 evenings. Night 1 – key speaker. Night 2 – meal with music.
  • Becca will go to book ballroom A on April 1st.
  • Patricia will draft letter to CEO of Thabo Mbeki Foundation for key speaker. Society will check letter, will be sent by Tuesday 12th Feb.
  • Julio and Patricia (this week – 17th Feb) will speak with different African music groups.
  1. African Musician at Food Bazaar
  • Herve and Patricia both spoke to the musician playing at the Food Bazaar and he suggested starting an African band and a relationship with African Students in Bozeman.
  1. Bank Letter
  • Becca will change letterhead and Patricia needs to sign and send to Wigganson.


  1. Photography
  • Alex would like ASAMSU to take part in his photographic project; sharing differences between countries and cultures through photographic portraits.
  • Alex will take photos of activities and allow photographs to be put on the website, and take photographic portraits for the website too.


Next Meeting: 3rd March Sunday, 3pm at 109D Paisley Court.