African Society at Montana State University

General Meeting and Potluck, Sunday, April 7

A General Meeting and Potluck will be held on Sunday, April 7th 2013, from 3pm till 5.30pm.

Venue: 105 Grant-Chamberlain 3F (Wigganson and Jassiel)

For agenda, see below or download Agenda Items – 07th April, 2013 meeting

African Society at Montana State University

Interim Executive Committee Meeting

Date:                        Sunday,  7th April, 2013

Venue:                                     105 Grand Chamberlain 3F

Time:                       3:00 pm

Agenda items

Welcoming  remarks – Herwe Wa Kitambo (Also Chair for the Meeting)

  1. Introduction of new Members
  2. Reading Previous Minutes
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Motion to Adopt
  5. Action items
    1. African Forum
    2. African Film Festival
    3. BSTEP
    4. Water Project
    5. Chocolate sales
    6. Thabo Mbeki and Kofi Annan
    7. Website
    8. Finances  and Money Basket
    9. Activities for the African Societies
    10. African Society Party
    11. Summer Break Meeting
  6. Date for next Executive Committee Meeting

See below the minutes from last time for review, or download here: African Society Minutes 03.03.13

African Society Meeting at Montana State University

03/03/2013 – 3pm

109D Paisley Court

Meeting Minutes 


Jassiel Msoka, Becky Mantha, David Mantha, Julio Benavides, Becca Bodenham, Wigganson Matandiko, Stephen Durbin, Herve Kundulo and Patricia Mathabe 


Alex Garcia Ruiz

Meeting Called to Order at: 3:15

Reading/Correction of Minutes 10/02/13:

  • Website address was corrected
  • Minutes moved to be accepted by President
  • Minutes accepted

Matters Arising:

  • Role defining documents – there is no document available
  • Water project

Action Items:

  1. Food Bazaar
  • Success. Everyone who participated worked really hard. All sold out, while people were queuing!
  1. Website
  • Stephen made a place for minutes and upcoming events, meetings and agenda items on website. Also added gallery for the Food Bazaar.
  • Jassiel and/or Alex will try to take portrait photos for the website.
  • Patricia will email document of Constitution to Stephen to post on website.
  1. Finances
  • Closing old bank account and opening new as Patricia was being charged for activity.
  • Food Bazaar raised $1270, all of which will be used as general funds. The total funds are now $1741.78.
  • Need to show receipts to reclaim individual’s money from the total funds.
  • Need treasurer and one of president, vice-president or secretary’s signature to approve removal of funds. Fund withdrawal needs an email and a paper document approval.
  • Becca will email rolling funding budget to David.
  1. Handling of Funds
  • Importance of keeping money only in the society’s bank account to keep money transactions simple and transparent.
  • Option of using MoneyGram or Western Union to transfer possible future transactions to African countries.
  1. Thabo Mbeki Letter
  • Patricia and Wigganson drafted the letter this week.
  • Patricia will email the letter once everyone has seen it, a hard copy will also be posted to the foundation.
  • April 1st is the first available date to book the ballroom in the sub for the key speaker event.
  1. BSTEP
  • If by the end of March BSTEP has not heard from MSU they will take the opportunity elsewhere. Patricia spoke to Interim Dean Ron Larson, in meeting of Deans there were questions that could not be answered. The Dean said he would send the questions to Patricia, but he has not sent them. Scott left a message for the Dean and has not heard anything back.
  • Action – Patricia will call Scott by 04.03.13 and ask opinion about speaking to the President of Graduate Studies. Contact International Office and let them know about high urgency and ask for their help. Will email Dean Ron Larson and tell him that we are taking the matter higher (to the President).
  • Patricia will try to make an appointment with the President.
  • Wigganson will prepare minutes from meeting when BSTEP representative came, to present to the President.
  • Patricia needs to print BSTEP proposal and information to physically present to the President of Graduate studies.
  1. Up-coming Film Festival
  • 24th April. Pay Theater at the end. One music film and one other theme film. Music film could be Benda Bilili. Film decision deadline 10th March. Merchandise table will sell chocolate to raise money for Water project. To buy chocolate money will come from general funds, not decided if this will be paid back into general funds or not.
  • Patricia will find out if we can put a sticker advertisement on the chocolate for fundraising purposes.
  1. Water Project
  • Reply from Burkina Faso contact Usman, in the Northern Sahel region of Burkina. Need for distribution of PVC pipes for water transportation from a well, and the filtration of this water when it has arrived by pipe to the camps.
  • Julio will create a budget by 17/03. Buying materials for project may be quite costly.
  • Julio needs to find out how far water needs to be transported.
  • Julio will draft a letter proposing an official project and will send to Usman in Burkina Faso, and will try to receive a response from an official within the refugee camps approving the proposal before the next ASAMSU meeting.
  • Becca should send ASAMSU letter to Embassy of Mali and Burkina Faso in Washington asap, Herve and Julio will write this in French and English.
  1. Big Rolling Funding
  • Opportunity to apply for money from MSU, at least $1000. Apply for launching event and/or water project. Orientation for funding:

March 19th, 3-4pm, 168 SUB

March 20th, 9-10am, 235 SUB

March 25th, 2-3pm, 168 SUB

  • Require some members from the society to be represented in one of these meetings to be able to apply for funding. If obtained, this would be the only funding we can apply for throughout the year.
  • ·      Deadline for funding application: March 27th @ 4pm.
  1. 10.  Donald Chifamba
  • Lives in Bozeman. Member of a musical African orchestra, has a tight schedule. Possibility to invite African groups arriving in the USA to Bozeman. Is willing to perform at the launch event for free as this is publicity for his group also.
  1. 11.  African Forum
  • Room 232 SUB. Need a West and East Africa representative for forum. Herve will represent Central Africa. Wigganson will represent Southern Africa.
  • Title must be clear to attract audience. Title: United States of Africa (USA), a pipe dream or reality?
  • Julio will email GCC and EWB and if confirmed replies Wigganson will book a larger room.
  • Need for graphic design of poster and email publicity.
  • Pizza will be provided.
  • Patricia will moderate forum. 
  1. 12.  Responses from Embassy Letters
  • Response from Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire, acknowledging receipt of letter and their support for the society.
  1. 13.  NAACP
  • National Association for Advancement of Coloured People. Political, civil rights group, started in 1950s. Patricia went to meeting, as they are trying to start a NAACP chapter at MSU.
  • Focus on minorities in general in the USA, including Native Americans.
  • Need to understand objectives of the chapter.

 Date of Next Meeting: Sunday 7th April, 3pm, 105 Grand Chamberlain Apt 3F